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How To Make Everyday A Good Day

What's stopping you from having a good day?

It's a New Year, and you may have a lot of goals. Big, small, or somewhere in-between. A few things we neglect to add to our list is joy, happiness, and fulfilment.

I've listed ✨ FIVE ✨ things below for you add to your everyday, or subtract, that will help you have a good day everyday.

1. Be present.

It's easy to get stressed out about all of the things you have to do, or how that person cut you off yesterday. But let's get two things straight, getting stuck on the past won't change it, and getting anxious about tasks won't get them done.

Learn how to be mindful, focus on your breath, gaze at the world around you, interact with people near you, focus on what you're doing, who you're with, and CHOOSE to have an amazing day.

❤ I've been doing yoga, and making sure to stop thinking about everything else so much when I'm interacting with others and working. It helps my memory a ton, and my enjoyment in my work ❤

2. Do something that brings you joy.

Small or big, do it. Whether it's getting a latte, painting, exploring nature, writing, creating, whatever is it, carve out some time in your day to do it, or plan to do it.

Getting caught up in the same day to day schedules can be a downer for some, so make sure to add something in that makes your soul smile.

🖌 I've been wanting to learn how to paint landscapes, so last weekend, instead of working, I followed a YouTube Tutorial and created some art. It made me so happy and proud of myself. 🎨

3. Declutter.

A cluttered space can breed a cluttered mind. Take 5 minutes a day to declutter a space, whether it's your silverware drawer, desk, or car. It will make you feel more at ease, and make your day that much better.

🏢 I can't tell you how many times I decluttered my office/creative space, but it encouraged my productivity every time 🌈

4. Spend time with a loved one/have a meaningful conversation.

Even if you're introverted, you need to be with another human being eventually 😂

It can be your significant other, mom, dad, sibling, close friend, kids, or anyone you love. Put your phone away, and talk with them, or do whatever you both do to connect.

For some people it's watching a movie or show together, playing games, or exploring. But if you can have a conversation with them that goes past surface level, do it.

💑 When my husband gets home from work, I make sure to pause what I'm doing and make space for communication. 🗣 (And yes, I made these Extra Long Crochet Santa Hats --> The Stitch Queen Crochet Facebook and Instagram)

5. Do something to improve your life/make steps towards your goals.

If you want to see a sorry sight, imagine me complaining about how I want to get even better and better with my henna art, then cue me not practicing often. Doesn't make sense does it?

Get out of your feelings, stop putting stuff off/waiting for the right moment, and change your mindset. Get stuff done. Focus on just two projects at a time if you have to, write the STEPS you need to take to accomplish them, and start. TODAY.

📝 I recently started practicing my henna more consistently. It's therapeutic, get's my mind going, and helps me see my improvement as I go. Not to mention, I LOVE doing henna, so it's fun as well. This is just one step I'm taking to reach my goals.


❤ So, I hope you take my advice to heart, ponder over it, and make some daily changes in your life.

You deserve happiness and peace.

But it all starts with you.

Share this with someone who needs it, and comment below one thing you will do to make everyday a good day in your book.

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