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I'm excited that you are interested in my henna and jagua services. Below I have listed services that I provide:

Private Appointments:
-Minimum of $25(can be a combination of different designs)
-I can replicate a design, with a little added flair of my own, or I can create a custom design just for you
Melbourne Florida Henna and Jagua Artist Hand Design - Prisca Art Henna.jpg
Melbourne Florida Henna and Jagua Artist - Prisca Art Henna
Melbourne Florida Henna Jagua Artist Pri
Intimate Placement Appointments: This usually includes design placement on the hip, back, butt, thigh, chest, stomach, etc.
20190806_175024 (1).jpg
Prisca Art Henna Underboob Henna Jagua T

Henna Party Experience:
-I draw til I drop(leave)!
-10-15 small designs in one hour or
-5 to 8 medium sized designs
-Great for birthday parties, get-togethers, baby showers, weddings, bridal showers, etc

Tampa Henna Jagua Artist St. Petersburg

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