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Elephant and Mandala Painting - Prisca Art Henna

🖐🏾 Hey there, my name is Priscilla, the owner and henna artist of Prisca Art Henna ♥

Ever since I was young, I knew I wanted to be an artist. God was leading me to use the hands he gave me to add more beauty to the world. Sometimes I glance and turn through my old sketchbooks from when I was a toddler, until now, and I look at how far I have come, through skill and practice, and a lot of patience.

Back then, I thought that I had to be a brilliant painter or pencil drawer to be a great artist, but as I got older I discovered so many different forms of art, and I wanted to learn every single one of them. I drew, sketched, shaded, and colored my way through life, until I stumbled upon a Jagua art job at John's Pass(thanks to my friend who I still thank to this day). I loved the idea of a staining medium that resembled a tattoo, or basically anything you wanted it to be. Jagua brought me into the world of henna, and that led me to opening my own Henna and Jagua Business in Florida. 

Drawing henna designs is one of my meditations and therapies. It starts up a happiness and joy inside me, and brings peace and focus to my sometimes upside down life. I love using this art form to connect with others from all walks of life, backgrounds, faiths, cultures, and occupations.

Henna + Jagua started off as a normal job for me to make ends meet, I never expected for it to integrate into my life in such an amazing way. I've been able to travel so many events all over Florida, and celebrate marriages, birthdays, pregnancies, and many other life events with so many lovely people.

I thank God for this blessing and talent he gave me to share with others.

And thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little better. Hopefully we can share our life adventures over coffee/tea and henna/jagua someday soon!

Random Fun Facts About Me:
I design crochet patterns, I want a ball python one day, there are soooo many movies I haven't seen, and I always have gum on me!

Prisca Art Henna Bleached Dress
Marialeja Photography - St_edited.jpg
Bleached Clothing Jagua and Henna Artist Priscilla Mitchell Owner of Prisca Art Henna

Follow my Instagram or Facebook to learn more about me and my business and stay up to date with new designs, events, and adventures~

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