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Henna + Jagua
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What is Henna?
-Ingredients: Henna powder, organic cane sugar, lemon juice, water, and lavender oil.
-Stain Color: reddish brown depending on location of the design on your body. Palms, hands, and feet stain the darkest.
-Stain Longevity: One to two weeks depending on location of design, and heavily on aftercare.

What is Jagua?
-Ingredients: Organic Genipa Americana Fruit Juice, Xanthan Gum, and Organic Lavender Oil
-Stain Color: dark blue, hands, palms, and feet stain the darkest, other areas still hold a dark blue stain very well in my, and my client's, experience.
-Stain Longevity: One to two weeks depending on location of design, and heavily on aftercare --> Video

Melbourne Henna Jagua Artist Prisca Art Henna Jagua
Black Henna

The Dangers of BLACK HENNA

This site has everything you need to know about black henna and why it is not safe.

BEWARE of the many forms of black henna:


Black Henna cones do not always say black on them, some say brown, red, and even "herbal" or "natural". If you see any cones that are just sitting out, and not being frozen, DO NOT buy them. Black henna has a chemical property in it called PPD that is used in hair dye. When exposed to the skin, it can cause burns and hospitalization.

Appointments + Parties

How to Book an Appointment:

1. You can send me an Appointment Inquiry here --> Contact Me

2. We decide on a date, time, and location for you to get your Henna or Jagua done.

3. We agree on a design, or you can choose Artist's Choice.

4. After you complete the Henna Appointment Contract and Invoice you are officially booked :)

5. We meet up and have an awesome time talking about everything, you leave happier than when you came, and with a gorgeous design.

When should I book my appointment?

As soon as possible to avoid disappointments. My schedule fills up fast, and I wouldn't want your requested date to be unavailable and you miss your opportunity to get Henna or Jagua done.

If you are looking to get a design done for a special occasion, make sure you book the appointment 2 to 3 days before the event(wedding, party, etc), because that is when the stain will be the darkest.

Book a Henna Party Experience:

Yes, I do parties! I am located in Melbourne, Florida but I do travel to surrounding areas. A travel fee will be added if you are more than 20 minutes from my location.

I charge hourly for parties, and they include:

- 10 to 15 small, freehanded designs within one hour

- Lemon sugar sealant for everyone's design. This sealant makes the henna paste stay on longer and stain darker.

- Henna instructions for every guest

- I will bring my own set up if needed

- Professional and friendly service, with beautiful and unique henna designs, that will leave your guests remembering your party for a long time

How do I take care of my Henna?

Melbourne Florida Henna Artist In-Depth Henna Aftercare

How do I take care of my Jagua? ---> VIDEO

Melbourne Florida Henna Artist Jagua Aftercare
Jagua Allergy

What if I get an Allergic Reaction to Jagua?

"Although Jagua is a natural product, it is possible to have an allergic reaction to any foreign substance applied to the skin. People with sensitive skin are encouraged to test a small patch of skin before applying a full-sized Jagua Temporary Tattoo. An allergic reaction to Jagua will appear as a dense rash of hard red bumps and may look similar to the allergic reactions caused by PPD or Black Henna.  Unlike PPD or Black Henna, an allergic reaction to Jagua will not create a lasting scar.  This rash can be treated like any other allergic rash with the application of anti-itch cream and/or Cortizone.  Before treating any allergic reaction, it is essential to consult your healthcare professional. Fresh Jagua Tattoo Gel and ink is made from Organic Genipa Americana Fruit."

- from

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